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Samanea Karrfalt

Born and raised in the US, Samanea Linnea Hunter Karrfalt graduated in German language and culture at the Grinell College in Grinell, Iowa, in 2014, started to work as an English Teaching Assistant in Munich for the Fulbright Commission of German, and in Bayreuth for the Kulturminister Konferenz-Pädagogischer Austauschdienst Deutschland in 2015/16. Now she is a member of BayFinK (Bayerische Forschungs- und Informationsstelle –
Inklusive Hochschulen und Kultureinrichtungen), which supports the inclusion of disabled and chronically ill individuals at universities and other cultural institutions.
Currently, she is enrolled in a masters program at the University of
Bayreuth in cooperation with the Iwalewahaus, researching concepts of culture and society in Africa, and is a part of the press and personal relations team of Iwalewahaus. Both her research focus on African culture and society and her background in working for the queer campus-magazine „GoGo“ (US), attribute to her presentation „Reclaiming a Runaway Narrative: The Importance of Contemporary Art and Artists from the African Continent“.