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MahlOt S A N S O S A

MahlOt S A N S O S A is a multimedia and performance artist whose practice is primarily centered around live art and it’s documentation via video installation, sound and photography. With an autobiographical and liminal narrative, her works explore societal obedience as it relates to transcendence and self authorship. With mourning, transition and transformation positioned as viable means of sustainability and fundamental aspects of her on going research and artistic practice.
Sansosa (born 1982, Brasil) currently lives and works between Cuba, Tanzania, Brasil and New York.


1992- Alternative Forms of Migration
Undocumented movements from Bahia to Rio, Rio to the US
1996- A Deportation - newness in Exile
The Island of Cuba
John F Kennedy International Airport

Events of Note +

1996- A murder, Somewhere in Rio - Rio de Jenerio, Brasil
1996- A mother’s departure - Harlem NY, to Bahia

1997- A twin’s suicide, state of Bahia, Brasil
1997- A rape (undisclosed location)

Select Private Performances

2018 • I want it All to Burn • Maré, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, Baire, Cuba
2018 • A little knowledge is a Dangerous Thing • Harlem NY
2018 • Bila Aibu:suite 808 • Marengaba Bahia, Brasil, Maré, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

2018 • I know how the beast Eats • NY, NY
2017 • saudade..vin pi pre • London, U.K.

2017 - • um milhão • Venice, Italy

2017 - • constellations of the sun • New Ulm, Germany