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Kawira Mwirichia

Kawira Mwirichia is a Queer, African, female visual artist with an innate desire to change the world through beauty that inspires and educates the community.

Over the years, Kawira has worked as an artist within the Kenyan LGBT community and striven for a high level of virtuosity in her own work. For instance, Kawira has shown her art in exhibitions such as the Girl Art Project (2011) and Jinsiangu’s Bodies Unbound (2015). She has professionally contributed as an illustrator to projects hosted by UHAI (2013 & 2014), None On Record (2014), HIVOS (2015), AWID (2016) and HOLAAFRICA (2016). These projects were an opportunity for her to approach her art exploratively, allowing her to fully immerse herself in the work and find a true authentic voice to express through.

Her latest project, To Revolutionary Type Love (2017) is another example of her diverse use of medium (the kanga) and unique level of expression. This project aims to celebrate Queer Love through the demonstrative narrative of each country’s LGBTQIA milestones through symbols and beautiful quotes.