Faith Wanjala

I am a visual artist born in Kenya and working in Nairobi. I explore themes that may be interpreted to be of mental health, gender and sexuality through self– portraiture as my major form of artistic expression, as both the subject and object in experimental yet mediated art works. I use a camera to make long exposure artworks of which the results are obscured and abstracted body forms in a black, white and grey monochromatic visual palette. I also use ink, soft pastels, water color and acrylic paints on canvas, gouache paper and oil pastel paper. Publications in a book album called Femmolution published and copyrighted by Creatives Garage,2016. Bibliographies in Outsider Citizen- Landscape Analysis of the Human Rights of Sex Workers and LGBTI People in Ethiopia 2014-2015 by UHAI-EASHRI; QZine Surge 2017 by Holaa Africa; Annual Report 2014 and 2016 for UHAI-EASHRI; Violence Against LBQ Women, 2017 by UHAI EASHRI. A series Stories from my Mind has shown at Creatives Garage in 2016 as a solo show and part of a group show called Anatomy of Me at Art Space Gallery in 2017. Stories from my Mind are paintings documenting my experiences with mental health issues. Most recent group shows include To The Revolutionary Type Love at Goethe Insitut, Nairobi 2017 and 27 at Shifteye Gallery, Nairobi, 2017 where a recorded performance art video called The Pain of Release was shown, and The Kenya Art Fair that took place at Sarit Center, Nairobi, 2017. OUT Film Festival as part of To Revolutionary Type Love and also as a Panelist on the discussion of The Artist in the Quiet Revolution.


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