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Kanga To Revolutionary Type Love

19.04.2018 | Medienwissenschaften, Studium

To Revolutionary Type Love is the name of an exhibition celebrating queer love in Kenya and beyond. It is a toast, and it is coming to Braunschweig. Artists Kawira Mwirichia, Awuor Onyango and Malcolm Muga from Nairobi will present the group's exhibition, making use of the medium of photography in many ways, as well as of the East African textile, the kanga, using symbols and quotes unique to the triumphs and stories of the queer movements from Kenya's and international communities.


19.04.2018 | Medienwissenschaften, Studium

Appropriation is making use of the world in changing the world. It can be a Revolutionary Type Love. Appropriation can be corporate power turning culture into capital, or it can be queer art turning heteronormative structure inside out. It is the potential and inevitable condition of any expression - but under conditions of huge inequalities.


13.12.2017 | Medienwissenschaften, Studium

Hier gibt es Informationen zum Überblick über die Änderungen neuen Prüfungsordnung 2017 für den Bachelor Medienwissenschaften


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